‘Yes means yes’: How Ohio universities teach students about consent

‘Yes means yes’: How Ohio universities teach students about consent

We did wear those shirts, we loved them, and we wanted to say yes to taking them off. Though the college did accept our demands, the broader culture did not. In fact, we became laughingstocks. When this piece aired in , I was in graduate school in New York City, trying very hard to leave Antioch and the policy behind. When I watched the skit, I felt misunderstood and defeated, but also kind of excited that we had hit such a nerve. Our work is being established as a best practice in colleges nationally just in time, by the way, for Antioch to win back its accreditation after sadly closing its doors in Of course I am thrilled that such competent women are picking up where we left off, and in their own honest, direct, and compelling ways. Why is she so sympathetic and we were so … not? Just look at the way the New York Times covered both eras of the movement. It is so simple: A woman with a mattress, refusing to keep her violation private, carrying with her a stark reminder of where it took place.

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For decades, consent meant an absence of no. Now, the standard is: Yes means yes. After , with a federal push and a new dedication of money to Title IX enforcement, college administrators ramped up efforts to change consent culture on college campuses. The idea of affirmative consent became the center of sexual education campaigns.

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In a group of Women of Antioch, began a campaign to promote a culture free of sexual violence at Antioch College. All sexual interactions at Antioch College must be consensual. Affirmative Consent means verbally asking and verbally giving or denying consent for all levels of sexual behavior. Non-consensual sexual behavior, verbal and physical sexual harassment are not tolerated at Antioch College.

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program. Sexual Misconduct is prohibited under this law.


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By Katherine Rosman. Sykes took an internship in Washington during her first year as a student at Antioch College, she experienced a bit of culture shock. She was working at a German think tank and noticed that both in the office and at social events, friends and colleagues were far more casual about touching one another. Sykes, 22, now a fourth-year student majoring in political economy. In , Antioch College students pioneered its affirmative sexual consent policy, formulating a document now called the Sexual Offense Prevention Policy.

It was mocked by much of the rest of the world. Since then, campuses across the country have caught up. Education about consent is now part of college life. Now, the current crop of pioneers at Antioch are moving the conversation beyond sex to discussions of consent in platonic touch. When Alyssa Navarrette, a third-year student who is studying anthropology and art, came home for her first visit after starting college, she was taken by surprise when her mother hugged her.

Navarrette said. On campus, friends ask permission before giving hugs. Personal space is discussed in class as an often encroached-upon right. At the same time, as with many in their generational cohort, some students are giving full expression to their gender identities, whether those identities are fixed or fluid.

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Campus sexual assault prevention has evolved in response to increased knowledge and changes in laws. From the influence of radical and cultural feminism and early scholarly works on sexual assault to current studies on acquaintance rape prevention, our understanding of sexual assault has expanded. At the same time, legal attitudes towards rape have become more progressive, reflecting a greater commitment to facilitating both prevention and prosecution.

Campus prevention programs have undergone a corresponding paradigm shift from stranger rape prevention to acquaintance rape prevention, with an emphasis on broadening the scope of education and becoming more innovative.

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More than two decades later, some of those dynamics persist in a renewed national conversation about sexual consent. But something about the current landscape is also very different. With national attention focused on the campus rape crisis , and colleges struggling to figure out how to update their sexual assault policies to avoid even more bad press, affirmative consent is gaining momentum. People are looking to Antioch as an example instead of as a joke.

Antioch College Sexual Offense Prevention Policy, this focus is unsurprising; feminist activism around date rape emerged within a culture already sensitive to sexual remove the marital ban from state and federal rape laws.

About the photo: In this Aug. Just what constitutes an expression of consent is a hotly debated topic in the justice system and in society at large. But just what constitutes an expression of consent is a hotly debated topic in the justice system and in society at large. There is no uniform legal definition of consent. Only a handful of states, among them California, Florida and Wisconsin, have an affirmative consent standard on the books, according to the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN.

Many of these states use force, rather than lack of consent, as a standard for deciding whether an assault occurred. To help states arrive at a more consistent definition, an organization called the American Law Institute is working on updating the sexual assault laws in its Model Penal Code, proposals used as models for measures in state legislatures.

A definition of consent took the body of judges, lawyers and academics about five years to work out. The proposed sex assault laws are likely to be voted on in May Consent has become a front-burner issue in the Me Too era, which since late has shone a light on sexual assault and harassment in an unprecedented way. In , students at Antioch College in Ohio were subject to nationwide ridicule when they introduced an extensive affirmative consent policy.

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When college students put their passion into knowing Jesus and making Him known, they can change the world. Our College Ministry is led by college pastor Luke.

A federal judge is allowing the Education Department to move forward with new rules governing how schools and universities respond to sexual assault complaints. A review suggests a nonprofit health organization where at least 41 intellectually disabled children have reported sexual assaults over the past quarter-century has been plagued by understaffing and inadequate supervision of staff and patients.

I had DMed him on when it was two days before my 17th Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has issued final rules that will reshape the way schools and universities respond to complaints of sexual misconduct. The Pentagon says reports of sexual assaults across the military increased slightly last year, with the Air Force showing the biggest jump of all the services.

The victim was on A fake contractor attacked and sexually assaulted a woman inside her Chester County home, police said. San Jose police, with the help of a security guard, arrested a year-old man this week on suspicion of kidnapping and molesting a year-old girl, according to the police department. NBC News. Early one morning in April, a homeless woman sleeping in an abandoned house in Louisville, Kentucky, was jolted awake by a stranger who pulled her bedding over her head and raped her, according to police.

A Philadelphia Police Officer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside his home.

Re-thinking Sexual Assault Prevention in High School and College: John Kalin at TEDxColbyCollege

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